Monday, May 4, 2009


I’d like to share a story with you, it is a story born of frustration and regret.

It’s a deeply personal one that I hope resonates with you on some level, and one that will ideally inspire and motivate you into action.
On November 21st, 2008 I went to Mount Sinai hospital with abdominal pains. Having had a history of abdominal issues in the past, including 3 surgeries, I knew something was amiss. After numerous tests and surgery I finally was discharged in early January, 40 lbs. thinner, very weak and having been diagnosed with cancer.
On January 19th I was told that the cancer was terminal and I may only have one year to live. I started chemotherapy on February 26th and last Thursday had my 3rd cycle of chemo. I did receive some good news last Tuesday that the most recent cat scan revealed that the tumor has decreased by 30%. While obviously thrilling, it is tempered by the fact that this cancer may get the better of me at some point, though I am determined to fight it with all I have and prolong my time here.

I haven’t raised the white flag just yet.

So why am I telling you this?
As you can imagine the 3 months since diagnosis have been extremely difficult ones for Reesa and I as well as our respective families. During this period though I have had plenty of time to reflect and I REALLY want to turn my experience into something positive. I think by sharing some of my thoughts and reflections as they relate to our business I can have a positive impact on someone here today.
I remember walking my dogs when I first decided to get my real estate licence, looking around the neighbourhood and wondering how are all my neighbours going to know we are in the business? What can I do to compel them to call us?
And with these thoughts I embarked on learning everything I possibly could about marketing. For the following 2 years Reesa and I attended many seminars and received coaching from numerous leaders in the real estate field. We also attended seminars by other real estate firms bringing in their top producers.
We spent close to thousands on courses and materials. Talk about information overload, I thought I knew it all, I thought I knew everything there is to know on how to become a top producing realtor…and that’s exactly what I wanted to be, and sti!
And I do have the knowledge. I can teach it all to you right now!!! Every script for any objection, cold call dialogues, you name it..
I set production goals, we had set goals for charitable donations, going on so many weeks a year vacations, even starting a team.

But one thing was missing-you can probably guess it….ACTION!!!

As the great speaker Jim Rohn says-set a goal, embrace it with passion and take action. Without action you get nothing.
So why didn’t I?
What stopped me?
Now you may be thinking to yourselves-o.k. Uzi you obviously have some issues…. and you may be right. But I challenge you to look in the mirror and be honest with yourselves as to whether this may just apply to you as well.
Ask yourself…
1) Are you taking responsibility for your business?
2) Are you taking responsibility for you actions or lack thereof?
3) Are you setting goals and objectives for both business and family activities?
4) Are you taking action to achieve your goals?
5) Are you a victim of the market or do you adjust your sails?


It is so easy to find an excuse NOT to do something. It is so easy to find an excuse to leave something until tomorrow, or not make a call right now, or setting a time management calendar and finding a reason NOT to do an activity as scheduled.
When you face the end of your life that regret is like a knife in the chest.
The light finally went on last week after being out with clients looking for homes and I had to share it with you.
We took clients to see a number of homes in Oak Ridges, a beautiful neighbourhood surrounding Lake Wilcox just north of Richmond Hill and dominated by a top producing agent. As we were driving from one appointment to another and fortunately in 2 different cars I started throwing out profanities that totally shook Reesa up.

Why? Why is it that with all the knowledge I possess, with all the material that’s collecting dust in my home office, the money spent hearing the same message from different coaches, why am I here today facing a financial crisis? What is it that top producers have that you or I don’t? And they achieve results consistently, year after year.
The answer is simple-TAKING ACTION!!! With all due respect- they are not different than me or any of you, except for one thing-TAKING ACTION!!

Yes the direction of the wind may change, but all you have to do is change the direction of the sail.
My message is simple-don’t wait! don’t procrastinate! and HAVE NO REGRETS!-you never know when your time may come up.


Are you doing Geographical farming?
Are you calling past clients?
Are you sending out newsletters-electronic or hard copy?
Are you doing what needs to be done to realize your goals? TODAY!!
If not
What’s holding you back?
Why aren’t you taking action
Anthony Robbins talks about the Rocking Chair Test-this is where you picture yourself as a 90 year old, sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch and looking back at your life-
Will You Have Any Regrets? Well Don’t. Take Action-Do what needs to be done today, say what needs to be said today-do not procrastinate-it is your worst enemy.

Ladies and gentlemen I have focused on the business end of things but I would like to conclude by bringing my message back home.
When you get home tonight let your loved ones know how much you love them, how much you appreciate them. Do not procrastinate to show your love and appreciation to those who surround you at home